Amazingly Creative Events

Looking for an Event Designer or Event Decorator Tampa?

We Believe You Deserve to be Pampered While You Plan

Welcome to our virtual boutique—we’ve saved the best seat for you, because we believe you deserve to be pampered and honored.

When you step into our physical boutique, we personally serve you a platter filled with delectable chocolates and bottles of natural artesian water.

While we’d love to snap our fingers and have those delights appear right before you, we invite you to join us in person to enjoy them.

Amazingly Creative Events is the embodiment of YJean Ligon’s heart, brilliance, and passion. As the founder and lead planner and designer, YJean blends her strong corporate background, keen eye for detail, and passion for elegance to curate events that become indefinable experiences.

Every Event Detail Should Be a Reflection of You and Your Story

Using our masterful planning skills, we work with you to define your event vision and create a strategic and organized plan.

Whether you hire us for our complete wedding planning and design services or our formal social celebration design and décor, you’ll receive:

✓   Excellence that eliminates your hesitations, fears, and worry, so you can trust that your wedding will flow seamlessly

✓   Upscale design and décor based on your direction and infused with our artistic styling experience, so that your wedding or formal event is the ultimate visual experience

✓   Personalized service that’s committed to you, so you never wonder where you stand and if we’re focused or on track with your event

Come, savor some fine chocolates with us and schedule a complimentary consultation.