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Creative Wedding Planning for the Bride Who Can Do It All and Wants to Have It All
There’s a reason why you’ve made it to where you are in life—
whether it’s success in your career, relationships, or health.
You’ve worked hard and you’ve sacrificed your own comfort.

There’s a fire inside of you that propels you forward, which means you can totally plan your own wedding with all of your dream must-haves.
The problem is—there are some things you’ll have to lay down.

Does the “all” that you want for your wedding include:

  • Sitting down with your fiancé over a glass of merlot to dream about your future, without having every intimate moment hijacked by what’s next on your wedding planning checklist?
  • Driving your career full force ahead with laser focus and ambitious productivity, without losing hours calling wedding professionals, scheduling appointments, and meeting with them?
  • Remaining relaxed, balanced, and at ease during your engagement, so you can look back on this special time and remember how much you enjoyed it, not how much stress you underwent planning?
  • Avoiding tension and screaming matches with your future spouse.
  • Watching your mom and besties enjoy your wedding meal and actually get to celebrate with you, because they’re not checking that the DJ has the timeline of events, the cake servers are in sight, or the photographer’s ready to capture big moments?

Don’t risk burning yourself and your family out—or burning bridges—because you’re stretched, stressed, and sleep-deprived.

If “having it all” means more to you than having the photographer you want, the flowers you want, and the venue you want….

If it also means having some deeper things…

like restful sleep, a balanced perspective, intimate dates with your future spouse, treasured time with family, and a wedding day you and your family don’t have to set up or manage, but get to celebrate….

You can have it all, hun, by hiring the right amount of help that’s just right for you.

Take a look at our bespoke packages created just for brides like you:

The DIY Creative Collection

Month-of coordination for the creative at heart who wants to plan (or has planned) most of her wedding.

You’ve spent months diligently planning your ideal wedding (or you’re about to).  You’re stressing over last minute details and secretly wish you didn’t have to worry about managing vendors or setting up on your wedding day.

Spend the last month of your engagement doing the things you love with the one you love. With month-of wedding planning, you get to leave last minute planning details to a professional wedding planner, so you can catch your breath before you say “I do!”

We have a seamless transition process, so we’re up-to-speed and you can pass us the baton effortlessly. You, your friends, and family will be 100% present and rested, so you can enjoy your wedding day from the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes as a Mrs.

This collection includes:

  • Rehearsal preparation, itinerary, and coordination for up to 2 hours, so you can chill the day before your wedding.
  • Final confirmation of vendors and vendor management on your wedding day, so there’s no miscommunication and you’re not wasting valuable time trying to “catch” everyone.
  • Complete wedding day management, including ceremony and reception production for up to 10 hours, so you can sip your mimosas and slip into your dress without a worry.

Investment starts at $2,000

The Mixed Creative Collection

Partial planning services for the bride with a creative side who wants to balance what she plans and what she gets help with

You have a creative spark that comes and goes, depending on what you’re doing. The thought of creating this whole event without expert help along the way, makes you want to freak out (just a little).

For the bride who wants us to meet her where she’s at or help her figure out what she can do while still getting to enjoy more free time during her engagement, this collection is for you. We’ll support you through every detail and help you plan along the way, so you can prioritize what’s most important to you.

✓ Vendor scheduling and meeting attendance for up to three meetings per vendor category, so you’re not stuck on the phone(or on Google) and losing precious work hours trying to find wedding professionals.
✓ Budget guidance, so that you can avoid blow-ups with your babe and get all of your must-haves within your limits.
✓ Design support, including theme, style, and color scheme selection, so you have someone to bounce off ideas and ensure your venue will support your elaborate lighting or drapery ideas.
✓ Timelines, itineraries, and checklists that you don’t have to create or check yourself, because someone else is meticulously sweating the details.
✓ Rehearsal dinner coordination and production, so you can relax, laugh, and enjoy the evening before your big day.
✓ Complete wedding day planning and production for up to 10 hours, so you can get pampered with your gals, dance every dance with your sweetie, and laugh the night away.

Investment starts at $4,500

The Visionary Creative Collection

Full-service planning for the bride who can envision exactly what she wants, but has a very busy lifestyle or wants more free time during her engagement

You’re career driven, your calendar is full of social events, and you have an active lifestyle. Either that or you realize you’re the type of gal who likes to cast her vision and team up with someone who will get it done the way you imagine.

For the bride who wants absolute guidance, organization, and planning support from her bridal shower to her wedding day.
✓ Everything involved in The Mixed Creative partial planning collection, so you don’t have to free up 100+ hours to plan your wedding.
✓ Planning and production of one wedding shower, so all of your main events flow exactly as you want them to.
✓ Lady-in-waiting personal bridal attendant on your wedding day who will attend to your every need and support you like the queen-of-the-day you are.

Investment starts at $6,000

A la carte options for the “build-your-own” bride

✓ Venue research and selection—$400 (included in The Mixed Creative & The Visionary Creative packages)
✓ Ceremony site research and selection—$300 (included in The Mixed Creative & The Visionary Creative packages)
✓ Development of Wedding Task Timeline — $150 (included in The Mixed Creative & The Visionary Creative packages)
✓ Rehearsal planning and production—$500 (included in all packages)
✓ Event theme, color, and décor idea selections—$300 (included in The Mixed Creative & The Visionary Creative packages)
✓ Budget Development and Tracking—$250 (included in The Mixed Creative & The Visionary Creative packages)
✓ 2 hour consultation with getting started information — $300

How different would you feel right now if you had just booked the collection that most resonates with you?

Would you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

Would you be able to fall asleep at a decent time for the first time in a long time?

If at any point you’ve thought, “ooohhh, I wish I had that,” won’t you reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation?

We have limited dates available and we’d love to take on your wedding date, so you don’t wish you had the help of a professional planner, but you HAVE the help of a professional planner.


Listen, we’re the type of people who have left early from events we’ve been invited to, because things were completely disorganized and moving too slow.

When we work together to plan your wedding, it will be beautiful, but it will flow beautifully from one event to the other as well.

You’ll have a meticulously crafted timeline and every wedding vendor will have a copy of it, so everyone is on the same page.

This day is about you and we make sure nothing takes away from you or the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have parents pulling you in opposite directions or family upset with you because you’ve planned a “no children allowed” wedding, we’ll help you navigate those troubled waters peacefully with logical responses.

Planning your wedding is about planning your wedding, but we’ve done this long enough to know that there’s a lot more involved than booking the venue, sending out your invitations, and making sure your vendors show up on time.

Hey there, gorgeous bride!

I’m YJean Ligon—the lead planner and owner of Amazingly Creative Events. We’re a boutique event planning studio that values event artistry, décor mastery, and you.

We pamper you throughout the planning process with:
High-end personalized service, so you can do the things you love and bypass the to-dos that are eating away at your time, sanity, and bliss.
Event customization, so that your wedding matches the vision you have and possesses the style, ambiance, and characteristics you’ve always hoped for in a wedding.
Personality awareness that ensures we sense when something is up and we understand what you need, when, where, and how.
Vision sensitivity that allows us to see the event you’ve created in your mind and bring it from idea to conception, so that your expectations are exceeded.
Excellence that eliminates any hint of fear, distrust, or worry, so you can rest assured that we go above and beyond for you.


  • This makes your heart go pitter-patter
  • You’re a bride who sees the importance of investing in professional help
  • You’re done with overwhelm, stress, frustration, and tension following you around like a lost puppy—

Then we invite you to schedule a complimentary creative call with us.


Should I hire a wedding planner?

This wedding, and your engagement, is only going to happen once and we know you don’t want to have uncertainties or regrets.

We’re here to help you make the best decision that’s right for you and we can talk about what that might be during your complimentary consultation. When you hire a wedding planner, you are still able to plan your wedding, we help you get everything organized and pieced together, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. Once you pay your deposit, we’ll work out a payment plan, so you can get the planning and support help you need.

My budget is small; can I still hire you?

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all brides. Our month-of coordination starts at $2,000. We also offer a la carte options, so you can pick and choose the planning support that’s most important to you and build your own package for your budget.

How much will I get to communicate with you and ask questions?

We offer unlimited phone and email support. You can call and email as often as you’d like and, if we are unavailable, it’s our policy to get back to you within 24 hours.

I’m ready to move forward; what do I need to do?

Awesome! We can’t wait to meet you! The first step is to give us a call or email us to set up your complimentary consultation. When we chat, we’ll listen to your vision, plans, answer any questions, and provide you with more information about our company.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as you have. We won’t pressure you to book a package or push you into a package that’s not the right fit. We want you to hire Amazingly Creative Events, because you absolutely believe we can help you create the wedding or special event of your dreams.

Would you like your wedding day to be perfect?

I had planned on hiring ACE for décor only; however, after our initial meeting I realized that even though I’m an event planner, YJean knew the intricacies and ins-and-outs of weddings I had not thought of. Upon walking out of our first meeting I looked at my mom and said, “Well, here’s what I’ve learned: we are going to hire YJean for décor and as our day-of coordinator.”

YJean was happy to meet with me after hours due to my limited availability and willing/able to jump right in with ideas during that meeting. I enjoyed her energy and how her ideas helped add the sparkle and shine to my overall vision. I really liked her flexibility, creativity and fun personality. Instead of being a stressed out bride planning a wedding from another state, I spent my last month before the wedding calm and collected, and able to really enjoy the moments leading up to the main event. I would recommend ACE to others without hesitation. My wedding day was perfect.

~Alissa Bridges Massie, ACE bride

Are you worried about attention to detail?

Amazingly Creative Events was able to put together an event so elegant you’d think funds were unlimited. We felt like we had stepped back in time, reminiscent of old Hollywood. My vision was executed beyond what I expected. The entire event was over the top!

I instantly fell in love with YJean’s energy. She listened to my ideas and had great feedback about keeping us within our budget. I liked her attention to detail and the fact that the company listens to the needs of the client. The experience was AMAZING; the name of the business is definitely suitable! Even though I only plan on having one wedding and marriage, I’d definitely do it all over again with ACE! I’m currently researching reasons to hire ACE in the near future. Thank you. We certainly appreciate you for making our wedding vision come true!

~Jessica Richards, ACE bride

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